Dispersions for Inkjet

306 Vinyl-Jet Dispersions

These products are solvent-borne pigment dispersions designed for use in high-quality inkjet inks. Based on vinyl resins in EB Acetate these dispersions afford convenience in many formulations. The pigments are selected for very good outdoor durability. Their high chromaticity produces very wide printing gamuts. Inks manufactured using these dispersions combine superb ease of filtration with unsurpassed finished ink stability. Flash point is 71°C.

412 A-Jet Dispersions

The 412 A-Jet Dispersions are based on acrylic resins dissolved in EB Acetate. This combination yields very broad compatibility coupled with exceptional resolubility for trouble-free long press runs. Ink formulators are able to produce inks having maximum gloss and transparency with excellent exterior color and gloss retention.

902 Dispersions

These dispersions are the most versatile products among our offerings for inkjet applications. They make use of widely compatible automotive grade thermoplastic resins dissolved in a Cyclohexanone and EEP solvent system. In addition to very broad compatibility these dispersions facilitate final ink filtration and produce finished inks having great stability. The pigmentation was chosen for its excellent durability coupled with the ability for the formulator to create an expansive gamut.

940 Oil-Jet Dispersions

The 940 Oil-Jet dispersions are intended for use in low-polarity inkjet inks. They use a low odor dearomatized hydrocarbon as the fluid carrier. Particle size distribution is tailored for inkjet applications and viscosity stabilizers serve to enhance finished ink stability.

CIJ Dispersions

These dispersions have all been specifically deigned for use in continuous inkjet ink systems. The pigmentation has been selected for maximum opacity and durability while maintaining a sub-micron particle size. The formulator is allowed great flexibility due to the various polymers and solvent systems available. Additional colors may be available upon request.