412 A-Jet Dispersions

The 412 A-Jet Dispersions are based on acrylic resins dissolved in EB Acetate. This combination yields very broad compatibility coupled with exceptional resolubility for trouble-free long press runs. Ink formulators are able to produce inks having maximum gloss and transparency with excellent exterior color and gloss retention.

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Product Name
Color Index - Pigment ID
A-Jet Blue 15:4
Dispersion for Ink
Blue 15:4 - Phthalocyanine Blue 15:4
A-Jet Yellow 150
Dispersion for Ink
Yellow 150 - Nickel-Azo
A-Jet Red 48:2
Dispersion for Ink
Red 48:2 - Calcium Salt of BON
A-Jet Violet 19
Dispersion for Ink
Violet 19 - QA Red
A-Jet Black 7
Dispersion for Ink
Black 7 - Carbon Black