Gibraltar was founded in 1981 to produce specialty coatings and inks for use in a range of industrial markets.. Initial efforts were focused on a small number of large accounts. Working under confidentiality agreements Gibraltar created an array of original products which found acceptance in these markets.

Solvent-borne formulations are available based on these polymers: Vinyls, Cellulosics, Epoxies, Silicones, Urethanes, Polyesters, Acrylics and Fluorocarbons.

As needed these polymers are pigmented using the complete range of automotive, high-durability pigments.  For architectural applications the full range of complex metal oxide pigments is available.

World-class pigment dispersion equipment yields the nano-scale particle size distributions required for maximum color strength and transparency or, alternatively, the quarter-micron particle size distributions needed to maximize opacity with the highest film gloss.

Sited on a ten-a>cre tract in South Holland, Illinois, Gibraltar ships clear and pigmented compositions to discriminating customers across North America, Europe and Asia. While its current panoply of standard product offerings satisfies a wide variety of customer requirements Gibraltar stands ready to design and produce additional unique compositions not available in the marketplace. We invite your inquiries.