Dispersions for Coatings

408 Zero-Verse Dispersions

These products are solvent-borne, universal pigment dispersions designed for use in tinting a wide array of Air-Dry, Two-Component, and Baking coatings. The Tertiary Butyl Acetate solvent system contributes no VOC which enables the formulator to reduce the VOC of conventional coatings or to create original Zero VOC coatings of excellent quality. In addition those reactive coatings created using the 406 Zero-Coat Dispersions can be tinted using these dispersions making possible a single tint line for use in multiple applications.

414 LacquerPack Dispersions

Designed for the full pigmentation of vinyl lacquers, acrylic lacquers, nitrocellulose lacquers and similar applications, these dispersions are supplied in a widely compatible acrylic resin in quick-drying acetate solvents. Useful in replacing vinyl chips, acrylic chips, CAB chips and nitrocellulose chips with no detriment to coating properties, these products combine the convenience of liquid processing with the savings of inventory consolidation. Compatible with 955 Universal Dispersions.

460 LacquerCoat Dispersions

The 460 LacquerCoat Dispersions are formulated using an automotive-grade thermoplastic acrylic resin dissolved in 50:50 MEK:Toluene. These dispersions find use in a wide array of air-drying coatings and inks including vinyls, acrylics and cellulosics. The broad selection of general industrial and automotive pigments makes the dispersion line quite versatile.

495 Dispersions

The 495 dispersions are hydroxy functional acrylic polyol dispersions supplied in n-Butyl Acetate. These dispersions are designed for 2K systems reacted with isocyanate. These products are commonly used in thermoset systems using isocyanate. These dispersions can be used in a wide range of coatings including but not limited to automotive applications.

634 TradeCoat Dispersions

Introduced for use in trade sales and architectural applications, these dispersions are supplied in a positive drying, long-oil alkyd resin in low-odor mineral spirits. This line includes the finest transparent iron oxide dispersions in the industry; the highest transparency and tint strength coupled with the lowest applied cost make these trans-oxide dispersions the materials of choice for the wood stain market. Intended for full pigmentation use.

636 AeroCoat Dispersions

The only product line engineered specifically for the rapid-dry-time aerosol industry, these dispersions are supplied in an acrylated VT-alkyd in VM&P. For most such formulations, these materials are a drop in which function to protect coating properties while enhancing dry times. The very favorable MIR values are a major plus in complying with the ever-tightening air quality regulations. Intended for full pigmentation use.

707 Zero VOC Dispersions

The 707 line of pigment dispersions is a first-generation hydroxy functional acrylic polyol dispersion line designed for use in 2K systems. This expansive line contains a wide variety of automotive quality pigmentation and can be used in low and Zero-VOC systems.

711 X-Chrome Dispersions

These second-generation pigment dispersions are designed for high-durability solvent based thermoset coatings systems. The 711’s are formulated using PCBTF making them zero V.O.C. in all regulatory venues in the Unites States. The dispersions in this line have been optimized for strength, pigment loading, and exterior weathering. They have found use in industries requiring excellent weathering including transit, marine, architectural, construction and military applications.

955 Universal Dispersions

Since their introduction in 2001, these dispersions have established an enviable reputation for technical merit and cost effectiveness. Representing the broadest array of highly durable pigments in the industry, these products are unsurpassed for compatibility, tint strength and reproducibility. Supplied in PM Acetate and intended for tinting use, these 955 Dispersions are fully compatible with the 414 LacquerPack Dispersions which serve as full pigmentation dispersions for lacquer applications.