902 Dispersions

These dispersions are the most versatile products among our offerings for inkjet applications. They make use of widely compatible automotive grade thermoplastic resins dissolved in a Cyclohexanone and EEP solvent system. In addition to very broad compatibility these dispersions facilitate final ink filtration and produce finished inks having great stability. The pigmentation was chosen for its excellent durability coupled with the ability for the formulator to create an expansive gamut.

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Product Name
Color Index - Pigment ID
InkJet Blue
Dispersion for Inkjet
Blue 15:4 - Blue
InkJet Yellow 150
Dispersion for Ink
Yellow 150 - Nickel-Azo
InkJet Red 254
Dispersion for Ink
Red 254 - Chroma Red
InkJet Violet
Dispersion for Ink
Violet 19 - QA Violet
InkJet Red 202
Dispersion for Ink
Red 202 - QA Magenta
InkJet Black
Dispersion for Ink
Black 7 - Black